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  • NDC # 24839-0699-01

UTA Advantages

Easy to swallow
Will not stain hands, teeth or clothing
Fast relief, often within 30 minutes
Ease spasm
Alleviate pain and irritation
Economically priced
Blue urine indicator

Indications & Usage

UTA is indicated for the treatment of symptoms of irritative voiding. UTA relieves local symptoms such as inflammation, hypermotility, and pain, which accompany lower urinary tract infections. UTA also relieves symptoms caused by diagnostic procedures.

UTA Contains

Methenamine 120 mg
In presence of acid urine, hydrolyzes to formaldehyde therefore providing antiseptic activity.

Sodium Phosphate Monobasic 40.8 mg
An acidifier necessary for breakdown of methenamine into formaldehyde.

Methylene Blue 10 mg
Turns urine blue and not shocking red or orange. Has antiseptic properties. Encapsulation minimizes the risk of staining.

Hyoscyamine Sulfate 0.12 mg
Relaxes smooth muscles therefore reducing spasms.

Dosing and Administration

1 capsule orally 4 times per day followed by liberal fluid intake.

Above 6 years of age
Dosage must be individualized by a physician.
Under 6 years of age
Not recommended.

How Supplied

UTA CAPSULES are blue/blue capsules imprinted “SJ 646”, available in bottles of 100 capsules.

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